Development, testing.


ASP.NET Core, React, React Native, Xamarin.


Engineering Lead, 10 Software Engineers, QA engineer, Project manager.


Amwell is a major telemedicine service provider that offers digital capabilities to payers, providers, and innovators, creating an ecosystem of virtual and automated services.

Background and problem

The client was interested in expanding their technical expertise for the development of the Patient Concierge Health Assistant and mobile applications. The Innova team was tasked with the following challenges:
— reworking the existing architecture
— supporting a desktop application based on WPF.


We built the product according to the client's requirements by forming the necessary engineering team. Innova's engineers developed new cross-functional capabilities, set up enhanced security to support new features, and reworked the existing architecture.
In a short period, our team achieved the following results:

  • We created a full-fledged mobile application and developed a client feedback processing module;
  • We developed a React frontend, as well as a WebRTC for the Concierge service and a .NET backend for EHR;
  • We solved a complex task of providing high-quality video with multiple audio streams using React technology.



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