CD2 Learning


Development, deploy and support, testing.


Asp.Net MVC, C#, Typescript, HTML5, CSS, Kendo UI (Telerik), MS SQL.


Engineering Lead, Architect, 4 Software Engineers, 5 QA engineers.


The main product of our client is an educational online platform specializing in creating engaging online content and certification. The platform allows creating online courses using a WYSIWYG editor.

Background and problem

Based on the CD2 online platform, the client needed to create a pilot training program for Garmin, as well as support the existing website, implement new features, and create a mobile application for iOS/Android. The client approached Innova for implementation, bug fixes, deployment, and support of the existing website.


The Innova team implemented the client's business tasks:

  • Optimized the performance of the existing website.
  • Implemented a mobile application for iOS/Android.
  • Developed a multi-level web application for providing e-learning capabilities.
  • Introduced new features (CD2 Framework):
    - Garmin Innovator - a service with the ability to create custom learning scenarios, simulations, and games without programming
    - Moment in Time - a mobile app and leisure service, utilizing the MI reporting system.


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