Lead Qualifier


Development, testing.


PHP, Laravel, MySQL, React / Redux, Twilio, Facebook API, Sendgrid, Stripe, Google Cloud API.


Software Engineer, QA engineer.


Lead Qualifier is a web service designed to help sales specialists filter out non-responsive potential customers (leads). It integrates with advertising campaigns of various services, such as Facebook, receives lead requests, and starts communication. In case of a lead's response, it automatically notifies the seller. Thus, the sales department employee receives only motivated leads.

Background and problem

The client already had an application, but it required an update - the code was outdated, and customers were reluctant to use it. The main task of the Innova team here was to improve the application through integrations and solve the problem of poorly structured code.


Innova team reworked the application to a stable and usable state.
The product was improved through integrations:
- with Facebook advertising as a source of leads
- Twilio and Sendgrid for communication with leads
- with Google Calendar for synchronizing current sales tasks with a world-class service.
The team also accomplished the following tasks:
- Introduction of subscription payment via Stripe.
- Implementation of single sign-on using Google and Facebook accounts.



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