Development, Testing


React, TypeScript, C#, .Net Core, MS SQL and cloud infrastructure based on Azure App Service, Azure Web Apps and Azure Blob Storage


4 Software Engineers, Project Manager, QA Engineer


We were approached by Target, one of America's leading multi-format retailers.

Background and problem

Our team was tasked by the client with developing a web application that facilitates seamless communication between customers seeking to sell their clothes and Target stores interested in purchasing them. The core objective of the application is to streamline the clothes selling process, enhancing convenience and efficiency for customers.


Our development team has seamlessly combined their extensive experience and unwavering professionalism to provide the client with a comprehensive solution tailored to their specific needs:

  • We have implemented a robust architecture, carefully considering anticipated workloads and the need for scalability. This meticulous approach guarantees the stable operation of the application, even as the number of Target users and stores expands.
  • We built two web applications using React, complemented by a strong .Net C# backend. These applications comprise a business frontend that facilitates bid placements by Target stores and a customer frontend that empowers customers to review and respond to the bids.
  • The applications were effectively deployed on Azure infrastructure, providing Target stores with the means to expand their operations and attract a wider customer base.

    We have implemented a well-optimized database schema capable of efficiently storing essential data related to brands, clothing models, and transaction information between users and stores.


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