JustAI libraries, JAICP, JAICP DSL, JavaScript.


2 Software Engineers, Project Manager.


Target - One of America's leading multi-format retailers.

Background and problem

Our team's primary objective was to enhance the chatbot's functionality for seamless integration with internal portals. In addition, we undertook the responsibility of streamlining the applied solutions using the tools offered by the JustAI platform. This involved redesigning the existing solution and implementing standardized components for improved efficiency and effectiveness.


Innova's engineering and product team optimized an embedded chatbot deployed across various internal company portals. During the rework process, we used the JAICP platform and utilized JAICP DSL for scripting. As a result, we accomplished the client's objectives as follows:

  • Significantly optimized the cost of implementing new scripts, thereby enhancing the reliability of the existing system.
  • Developed a comprehensive system for statistics collection. We seamlessly integrated the chatbot, powered by JustAI libraries, with statistics services to obtain in-depth analytics on usage patterns and service quality. This empowered service management to make confident decisions regarding further chatbot development and improvement initiatives.


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