Data privacy – concern of most patience


AMA study says data privacy is a concern of most patients

We’ve collected some insights from the new research of AMA on healthcare data privacy.

Ø A new survey from American Medical Association shows that a number of people don’t have any idea about the existence of regulations regarding their medical information privacy and who has access to it.
Ø Only 20% of patients said they knew about the people and companies who have access to their health data, and 75% of people showed serious concern about personal health data protection from companies. A vast majority with 92% of people demanded that their health data should be protected from being sold to companies because they have the right to privacy.
Ø American Medical Association said that private medical information is unsafe, and digital patient information is being shared without consideration of the HIPAA framework.

An investigation has been started by House Oversight Committee to check the handling of essential health data by corporations. In other revelations, HHS has told the providers that they are not allowed to share sensitive patient information unless they receive a court order.
The lack of data protection about reproductive medicare in the states where the practice has faced restriction could draw legal peril for patients and physicians after the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling according to AMA.

A new survey from patient-owned Savvy Cooperative gathered from 1000 patients at the start of 2022 showed that the patients are uncomfortable with data being given access to social media companies and other technology corporations and more comfortable about giving the data access to hospitals and personal physicians.
The AMA said that long-term privacy policy regulations enforcement and new policy initiatives are required from the state and federal regulators on the less regulated health apps. And 93% of patients want the health app owners to come forward about their apps using personal health data.



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